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Xpress Money Transfer Review

What is Xpress Money Transfer?

Xpress Money is the official Money Transfer Partner of Leicester City.

Xpress Money Transfer is a fund transfer service that offers global transfers of 74 currencies to over 160 countries. It was launched in London in 1999 and is currently based in Dubai. As an Express Money Transfer customer, you have access to several payout options such as mobile wallet transfers, bank transfers, front door deliveries, and cash pickup from over 200,000 locations.

This Xpress Money Transfer Review will outline everything you need to know about the service, including its fees, payment options, and transfer process.

How Does Xpress Money Work?

Through Express Money, customers can pay, withdraw, and transfer funds. The amounts are subject to maximum limits depending on what transfer corridor a customer is using. For instance, sending money from the United States to Cambodia holds a sending limit of $ 7,500.

The company offers the following options for each transaction:

1. Payment  

You can choose cash deposits, online bank transfers, or debit card payments to pay for transfers.

2. Withdrawal

To receive money, customers can use the following options:

  • Direct bank deposits
  • Cash pick up – Xpress Money has over 200,000 cash pickup locations globally.
  • Door to door delivery – This option is available in Vietnam
  • Mobile wallet deposits – Popular in countries like Kenya that support mobile wallet transfers.

3. Money Transfer

You can send money on Xpress Money online or through a physical agent. When using a physical agent, visit the nearest Xpress Money location, fill in the receiver’s details, pay for your transfer in cash, then collect your receipt and XPIN. Your money will be sent within minutes.

How to send money online with Xpress Money?

  • Register for an account – You will need to produce a valid driving license, copy of your passport, or ID card for EU nationals. UAE Exchange customers can sign up with their customer numbers.
  • Log in to your account and add the recipient’s details.
  • Enter the amount you wish to send and choose a payment option.
  • Confirm the transaction, note the transaction number.
  • Log in to your online banking platform and complete the transaction.

Can You Cancel Your Transfer?

If you make a wrong transaction, you can cancel it within a 30-minute window. You can contact customer support through their email or direct phone call and provide the transfer details.

Xpress Money Fees and Exchange Rates

When compared to other money transfer services, Xpress Money Transfer is relatively costly. Customers are advised to confirm the cost of a transaction before completing it. Here is a breakdown of the fees and exchange rates charged on the platform:

Xpress Money Transfer Fees

The fees charged on Xpress Money depend on the money being sent and the transfer corridor. For example, a user sending £1,000 to Kenya will pay £33 and £120 to transfer £4,000. When the same amounts are transferred to Bangladesh from the UK, the sender will spend £10 and £40 in fees.

Xpress Money Transfer Exchange Rates

The exchange rates also vary significantly depending on the transfer route. For example, sending money from the UK to Nepal may cost up to 11.22 percent above the mid-market rate. The same transaction from the US to India will cost 1.3 percent in margins.

Xpress Money Transfer Additional Costs

If a sender chooses the transfer-to-bank as a payout method, the receiver may be charged SWIFT fees by the receiving bank.

Xpress Money Transfer Pros and Cons

Xpress Money is one of the most used money transfer platforms in the market today. It is especially popular among family members living in different countries. Below are some merits and cons to using the service.


  • Exchange rate calculator – This is a built-in feature that allows you to calculate your transfer fee and exchange rate before completing a transaction.
  • Responsive customer support
  • Extensive global network – Includes over 170 countries
  • Multiple payout options, such as mobile wallets and cash pickup locations.
  • Instant fund transfers – Recipients receive the money within minutes.


  • Some routes charge very high exchange rate margins
  • Compared to its competitors, Xpress Money charges relatively high fees per transaction
  • Restricted access – Transfers can only be initiated from the UAE, UK, USA, Ireland, Bahrain, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, and Qatar.

Xpress Money Transfer Review

Xpress Money Transfer offers customers access to fast, cross-border, and cross-currency transfers. It is ideal for both individuals and businesses who need to make safe transactions. Regardless of the nature of your payments, you can make them conveniently through mobile wallet deposits, cash payouts, direct bank account deposits, or door deliveries.

That said, transfers may be subject to fees and margins on some routes. Some of these rates can be very steep and inconvenient. Always check the charges before initiating a transfer.

4.3 rating