Compare XendPay Exchange Rates. Pay-What-You-Want for Money Transfers with XendPay.

With XendPays Pay-What-You-Want Model, you could say there is no money transfer provider that is priced fairer. Choose from a large set of countries and currencies for your transfer, receive beneficial exchange rates, and benefit from on the most welcoming Refer-A-Friend Programs in the money transfer space.
No cash transfers are available. Certain limits make the service a little bit less useful.

XendPay Review: Pay-What-U-Want on money transfers

Not only does XendPay offer very favorable exchange rates, it also offers you a Pay-What-You-Want scheme for money transfers.

When transferring money abroad with XendPay you can deposit into the pool to enable low-cost money transfers for everyone. While leaving money out of the pool, XendPay is usually the cheapest money transfer provider which is also offering you a generous welcome reward.

When you love this idea, you are welcome to use XendPay and tip on your money transfer rates, which are among the best in the industry.

Frequent customers enjoy this service for transferring up to £2,000 per year and businesses can transfer up to £4k per year. For transfers exceeding these limits, the recommended transfer fee is applied to your transfer.

XendPay was previously integrated into CompareTransfer.

XendPay was previously integrated into CompareTransfer. There is a problem regarding IP restrictions. We would love to feature XendPay again in our comparison and continue our partnership.

Despite the discount offering, XendPay is offering premium services.

  • Over 51 currencies are tradable.
  • Easy and transparent to use.
  • Deposit money via Bank Transfer, Visa, and MasterCard.
  • 1-3 days delivery time by Bank Transfer.
  • Instant Delivery Options are available.
  • As part of the RationalFX Group, XendPay provides outstanding service

XendPay Review

Thanks to the global coverage and availability connecting 2968 currency pairs, XendPay is one of the best money transfer providers. Including the generous 10 GBP welcome option, everybody who is frequently sending money abroad, should definitely set-up a free XendPay account. If you not choose to tip on your currency transfer, XendPay is one of the cheapest options available on many money transfer corridors.

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