Vorto Trading is more than just a FX provider.

With it's advanced services, Vorto Trading is a suitable choice for demanding customers and businessess.
Vorto Trading is not a remittance provider.

Services offered by Vorto Trading

FX Money Transfers

Vorto Trading is connected to multiple liquidity providers covering over 140 currencies. They can offer forwards up to 10 years on major currencies as well as margin free forwards. Vorto Trading can also handle 3rd party payments.

Business Funding

Vorto Trading can offer invoice factoring to help with cash flow.

Custodian Services

Vorto Trading can open segregated bank accounts for clients and hold cash, securities and perform share-class hedging.

Prepaid Cards

GBP, USD and EUR cards available with online statements.

E-Money Bank Accounts

Vorto Trading can issue and operate e-money bank accounts in your company name.

Payroll Servies

We have cost effective and efficient technology to provide mass payment solutions.

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