With Vianex you can transfer money online powered by Viamericas.

Viamericas has a broader coverage of more than 51,000 agents across 34 countries. The transfer process of Vianex is straightforward and simple. It is one of the most competitive services from the US to Latin America.
There are other money transfer service providers with a broader coverage compared to Viamericas.

Viamericas Money Transfer Review

Vianex is the online money transfer provider brand by VIamericas.

What is Viamericas?

Viamericas is an international money transfer service provider that has helped Americans reliably and safely send money around the world since its inception in the year 2000. Viamericas is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, and also has other offices in Colombia and Mexico. Viamericas prides itself on its ability to connect the world through money transfer with thousands of agents in the US and more than 100,000 pay-out locations in Latin America, the Philippines, Africa, and India. Customers can make transfers in more than 34 countries around the world. Viamericas provides secure money transfers using its Vianex service.

Viamericas Coverage

Viamericas is licensed to operate in the 51 states in the US. Viamericas also provides its money transfer services in the following countries:

Canada, Brazil, Bolivian Bangaladesh, Australia, Argentina, Guatemala, India, Hong Kong, Honduras, Haiti, Guyana, Switzerland, Spain, Philippines, Peru, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Uruguay, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, Nepal, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Chile.

Services offered by Viamericas

  • Vianex- Govianex is the online money transfer provider by Viamericas.
  • Viapay- Through Viapay, customers can make settlements and payments hassle-free. Additionally, Viapay provides simplified APIs which allow customers to pay-out and withdraw from the Viamericas platform through the in-built compliance, thereby making transactions easy and quick.
  • ViaModel solution allows websites with complementary or relevant traffic and customers to have immediate and easy-to-implement money transfer solutions.
  • ViaSafe allows customers to make cash deposits without leaving their store locations.
    ViaCheck allows customers to deposit scanned checks automatically without leaving their store locations. There are in-built tools that are used to verify checks, thereby reducing risk.
    ViaCash refers to the point of sale terminal which customers can use to implement mobile top-up, bill pay, PINless long-distance, and remittance.
  • ViaConnect allows customers to provide bill payment, money transfer, PINless long-distance calling, and mobile top-up through an API connection.
    Vianex offers APIs which allow customers to connect with the Viamericas service providers, partners, and agents.

How Viamericas works

Clients who wish to use Viamericas can visit the Vianex website to open a free account that can take about 10 minutes. They will be required to offer details such as their full names, contact, date of birth, and employment information. When making online transactions, customers must visit the Vianex website, select send money option

After that, one will be required to enter the details of the recipient.
Then, the customers will input the amount of money they wish to send and the method they want to use in funding their transfer. Paying for transfers can be made through credit card, debit card, local bank transfer
Finally, Viamericas will convert the amount to the required currency and send it to the recipient using the selected pay-out solution.

Viamericas Transfer Limits

Viamericas does not have a minimum of a maximum transfer limit. However, some banks do have restrictions on the amount which their customers can receive or send.

Viamericas Transfer Speed

When you make transfers from your bank account, it takes a maximum of 3 days for funds to reflect in your Viamericas account. On the other hand, when you send money from your Viamericas account, recipients can collect the amount within a few minutes from the chosen agent location.
Ways of sending and receiving transfers

You can send money with Viamericas using the following ways

Using Viamerica service

By calling Viamerica toll free number to assist you in making a transfer
In-person by visiting the more than 3,000 authorized money transfer agents across the United States. The recipients can receive funds through their local bank accounts or cash pick up at one of the Viamericas 51,000 agent locations.

Canceling a Viamerica transaction

In order for you to cancel a transaction, you must call the customer support team and offer your transaction number plus any other details you may be requested.

Viamericas Review

Viamericas is one of the best money transfer companies that offer a convenient and secure way for customers who wish to send money overseas. All you have to do is compare its advantages and features with those of the other money transfer service providers before making any international transfers.

3.0 rating