What is Veem?

Veem is a payment network built for small businesses with focus on the north american market. Veem enables you to send and receive international wire transfers in real time. With the dashboard you also can create invoices and conduct mass payments.

The cutting edge of Veem is its favorable exchange rates and integrations into several business services.

This said, there is not an advantage in using Veem compared to other money transfer providers for personal remittance. This service is exclusively targeted to business from the USA and Canada who send regular money transfers.

If you don’t fall into the target audience, it comes more handy and realistic to compare the live exchange rates for your specific currency transfer with CompareTransfer. CompareTransfer let’s you compare the alternatives for your international money transfer needs in realtime.

Veem Review

Overall Veem users are happy to save time and money with this service. There are not many complaints.

3.3 rating