Rate Improver Guarantee by TorFX

As one of the largest FX providers on the market, TorFX is the only money transfer provider that offers the best exchange rate guaranteed. TorFX is beating any price in the price comparison according to the Rate Improver Guarantee.

To take us up on this offer you need to:

  • Register with TorFX. You need a trading account in order to receive a valid dealing quote.
  • Provide evidence of the better quote, which must be from a provider with whom you have an open account.
  • Provide a screenshot showing the trading rate on your account, and clearly showing the exact time of the quote (as market prices move constantly).
  • TorFX cannot beat the other provider’s quote if it is better than the live exchange rate.
  • Discounts for new customers or coupons do not apply.
5.0 rating