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What is TalkRemit?

Do you regularly send money abroad and are looking for fast, secure, low-cost, and reliable online money transfer services to help you send money on the go? TalkRemit might be your favorite money transfer service.

TalkRemit is an online money transfer service that allows you to transfer money instantly using the mobile app or transferring online. Notably, it’s one of the most trusted online money transfer companies. In this review, you will find in-depth information about TalkRemit’s online money transfer service to help you make an informed decision before using the service.

Company information and credibility

TalkRemit is a trusted online money transfer service that you can use to send money abroad to your loved ones. It is an all-in-one transfer platform where you can quickly and conveniently send money abroad at significantly lower charges. Additionally, it is easy to use since it has an included free and instant chat service.

You can transfer money to over 50 plus countries in the world using his cheap and simple to operate money transfer platform. The platform is powered by Dahabshiil and is regulated by FCA. It also uses the latest and top-notch technology to ensure the safety of your money and details. To your surprise, TalkRemit offers a money-back guarantee in case the security of your money is tampered with.

Time and speed are fundamental factors to be looked at before transferring any cash. This platform uses cutting-edge technology that allows for immediate money transfers with no delays. This gives you peace of mind while guaranteeing your family surety to receive the money you send to them immediately and safely.

TalkRemit transfer limits vary with respect to your chosen destination, methods of payment, and means of paying out. Once you enter the exact amount you wish to transfer, you will be notified if it is within the range or not.

How TalkRemit works

First, you should either sign up on the website or download the app, available in Apple App Store and Google Play. To create an account, you will be prompted to input your email address, phone number, and password.

TalkRemit will send you a code to verify your phone number, after which you will be expected to provide your other details, that is, full name, date of birth, nationality, and your residential address.

You can start transferring money immediately after you complete registering your account. To transfer money, follow these simple steps;

  1. Payment option: Choose the means through which you will pay for the transactions.
  2. Enter amount: You will be prompted to input the amount you wish to transfer.
  3. Select a recipient: Choose the person to whom you wish to send money. With TalkRemit, you can securely save the recipient’s details to make transfers faster. Every time you are sending money, you can select an existing recipient or add a new one.
  4. Confirm and send: Before sending money, you will be prompted with a summary of your proposed transfer. This allows you to review and confirm the transaction before you send the money. Ideally, this is to ensure you send the desired amount to the intended recipient.

On rare occasions, TalkRemit may fail to activate your account even after following the above steps. They may require more information that includes a valid identification card, bank or credit card statement, and utility bills for not more than three months ago. Feel free to submit the details, after which your account will be verified.

There are several ways which you can use to pay for TalkRemit services. You may use a Visa or MasterCard or the platform’s e-Wallet. Similarly, you can pay by bank transfer, although the option is only applicable to some countries. The receiver will get their money in their mobile wallet, TakRemit e-wallet, bank accounts, or cash.

This online money transfer service is found in most African countries. TalkRemit has a unique feature known as TalkRemit USA, which allows you to send money to the USA but does not allow people in the USA to send money to Africa.

TalkRemit Pros

  • Wide coverage
  • It is safe
  • Has minimal transfer fees, which depend on your country of destination
  • It is quick
  • Simple to open and operate an account

TalkRemit Cons

  • Not available in all countries
  • Few delays while registering an account

TalkRemit Review

TalkRemit is a quick and trusted money sending option that puts you in full control of your finances. Money transfer across borders is made simpler with this most convenient cash transfer service provider in most African countries. Transacting on this platform assures you and your receivers peace of mind every time you transact.

4.0 rating