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Skrill is a world-class money transfer service. The E-Wallet provider covers financial services from international money transfers to cryptocurrencies and spending money with the Skrill MasterCard. These services are combined with the Skrill Knect loyalty program, allowing you to earn Skrill rewards as a frequent customer.
Skrill is not covering cash transfers. Certain countries are not supported.

Get lucky with Skrill Money Transfers and obtain more favorable exchange rates.

Skrill is a well-known brand, because of its activities in the gambling space. This is why you can look through the best casino promotions while booking a money transfer at Skrill.
As AC Milan sponsor Skrill targets Sports Betting and Money Transfer clients.

What is Skrill?

Since 2001 the Skrill E-Wallet (previously Moneybookers) is mastering gambling transactions, by working with the required regulators and licensees for E-Money (FCA). In almost 20 years, the E-Wallet provider has stepped out of its casino and sports betting niche and is also providing international money transfers to bank accounts abroad from over 50 countries worldwide. As a top-class money transfer provider, Skrill frequently provides the best pricing in our price comparison engine. We can highly recommend the international money transfer solution provided by Skrill. Choose with Skrill one of the best money transfer providers, with whom it is even possible to send money from locations, which are often overlooked by other players.

Skrill Money Transfer Fees

CompareTransfer lets you find out about the Skrill money transfer exchange rates in real-time. For domestic money transfers (This fee will be charged when the transfer begins and ends in the same country) there is a surcharge of up to 2%.

Skrill Money Transfer payment options

As of today, unlike other money transfer providers, Skrill does not have a surcharge for paying by Card. This means, you can earn an additional discount compared to TransferWise, where they charge for card payment. Payments at Skrill can be made with Visa, MasterCard, and Bank Transfer (Klarna, Sofort, and Rapid Transfer).

How to send money abroad with Skrill?

Have you found out Skrill is the best money transfer provider to use? You can send money abroad in just 5 simple steps to book your money transfer online.

  1. Visit the Skrill Website.
  2. Create your profile and submit your verification.
  3. Create the profile and banking details for the recipient.
  4. Pay for your transfer with your preferred method.
  5. You will get notified after the recipient has received the money.

Other services provided by Skrill

  • Skrill is an E-Wallet solution, which is most popular in the gambling space.
  • You can buy and sell Crypto with your Skrill account.
  • You can order a real and virtual prepaid MasterCard.
  • You can use loyalty rewards and use exclusive Casino offers.

Skrill Money Transfer Details

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