SingX offers better exchange rates than the banks.

SingX is definitely among the best remittance options in the city of Singapore.
Not integrated into CompareTransfer.

What is SingX

SingX is one of Singapores hottest business startups.

Founded by former American Express banker Atul Garg, SingX launched in January 2017. The service allows Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong-based consumers to transfer funds abroad and exchange 20 currencies.

Backed by some of the region’s most experienced bankers, SingX’s foreign exchange platform can help consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises save up to 90%t of typical remittance charges.

SingX Fees

SingX claims, they offer live exchange rates with no markups and only charges a nominal fee shown to you upfront.

To compare the pricing of SingX and feature the rates in comparison with other providers, we would like to partner with SingX to integrate the service into CompareTransfer.

SingX transfer speed

According to SingX your recipient will typically receive the money within a day. More information on the processing speed can be found here.

SingX transfer limits

CustomerTransfer limit per transaction
IndividualMYR 150,000*
BusinessMYR 150,000*

* There is no limit on the number of transactions

SingX Details

4.3 rating