As different economies continue to surge, there is a need for less complicated and fast means of transferring money.

SendMoney24 Review

Sendmoney24 is a low-cost, safe, and secure online money transfer service that allows you to send money to your loved ones regardless of borders. With this service, those who stay abroad can share their love and empower family and friends financially. In this review, you will learn more about Sendmoney24 money transfer services. Keep reading!

What is Sendmoney24?

Sendmoney24 is a British-based money transfer platform. The United Kingdom residents can use the service to send money across borders. Currently, Sendmoney24 allows users to send money to any Mastercard or Visa, Bank account, or Cash pickup centers in more than 164 countries across the globe.

This online money transfer service is licensed and regulated by FCA and HMRC. With this certification, you are sure that your money will be in safe hands.

To welcome their customers, Sendmoney24 allows all users to send money for free on their first transaction.

Although there is no limit on the amount you can transfer using this service, Sendmoney24 allows you to send up to a certain predefined amount per transfer. After you fee-free transaction, they charge low fees on your subsequent cash transfers, which can be paid by online bank transfers, telephone or debit, and credit cards.

Transferring money with Sendmoney24 is relatively faster. The transfer speed depends on a number of factors, including receiving country, method of payment, and day of transfer. You can expect your recipient to receive the money after at least 15 minutes.

How does Sendmoney 24 work

It is a no-brainer that you need to sign up with Sendmoney24 before you can start transferring money. The process of signing up is easy and straightforward. You will only need either a national identification card, a driving license, or utility bills for the previous three months.

When done with registering your account, you will follow these few steps to start and complete your transaction.

  1. Select a country: From the Sendmoney24 website or mobile app, you start selecting the receiving country.
  2. Enter the amount: You can enter the amount you want to send or the amount you want the recipient to receive. When you input one, the other adjusts automatically. Next, specify the currency, payment method, and receiving option. Sendmoney24 will display the transaction fees and guaranteed exchange rates.
  3. Add recipient details: If it is the first time you are transacting, you need to enter their full name, address, and other information required by sendmoney24. This information may include bank accounts or pick-up destinations in case you wish they receive as cash. For subsequent transactions, you will choose the recipient from a list of your receivers.
  4. Confirm and pay: Review your transfer details to ensure that your recipient’s details are correct, then pay for the transfer. Sendmoney24 will handle the rest. To check the status of the transaction, visit the transfer section.

Pros of Sendmoney24

  • Low fees: Sendmoney24 charges low fees and reasonable exchange rates for all money transfers. You will be able to see these costs before sending the money.
  • Stellar customer service: This online money transfer service has an excellent customer service program to ensure customers are satisfied.
  • It is safe: The regulator, FCA in the UK, assures customers of a security-tight technology to keep their information secure.


  • At times it may take a few hours for the recipient to get the money.


Sendmoney24 is one of the best means to transfer money cross-border. The easy-to-use platform and the security assured to customer information are just a few features of this online money transfer service. Use the platform, and your money will arrive safely.

3.0 rating