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For 25 years Placid is a reliable option to transfer money from home.
The company has become a little bit slow.

Placid Money Transfer Review.

How to transfer money abroad with Placid?

Established in 1996, Placid Money Transfer is a money transfer service provider that offers its services to more than 30 countries. With Placid Money Transfer, you can either visit one of their agents for money transfer services or arrange for the whole process online.

After sending the money, the beneficiary can collect it at the brand’s agent location, or the funds can be deposited directly into their bank account. Either way, this is an efficient, fast, and modern approach to send money and exchange between different currencies.

Here, we look at the basics of Placid Money Transfer and how it stands out as a money transfer service provider. Read on to get more informed about the matter.

How Does Placid Money Transfer Work?

This service provider has established direct relationships with several banks and financial institutions, enhancing its service productivity. It hosts quite attractive exchange rates and money remittance services from a bank account, credit or debit card.

Additionally, Placid Money Transfer offers its users instant SpotCash pickup points in authorized locations. The service also has an exchange rate tool that you can use to compare different currency rates. This tool works together with other money transfer service providers like MoneyGram and Western Union.

As mentioned earlier, you can fund your money transfer services online via their website using bank transfer, credit, or debit cards. For some reason, Placid Money Transfer quickly processes money transfer services funded by debit or credit cards. In some instances, your beneficiary can even receive the money within an hour, no matter the location.

If in case you want to send money using a new bank account, Placid Express requires you first to deliver a voided cheque. More importantly, this money transfer service provider allows you to track your sent money using their online tool. With this capability, you can know exactly where the money is and expect it to reach the beneficiary.

As for limitations, Placid Money Transfer accepts a maximum transfer of about $2,500 within a week. Other than that, users can enjoy the money transfer provider’s SpotCash service. It allows the beneficiary to collect the sent money in any of the brand’s local agents within their country. The only thing required will be the beneficiary’s ID and the reference number from the transfer.

Placid Money Transfer Review.

On their website, Placid Money Transfer offers a user-friendly interface. Their platform isn’t overkilled with multiple insignificant sections. You’ll find needed categories concerning your account, rates and fees, the sign-up button, and where to send money from, among few others.

If you get stuck during the transfer process, Placid Money Transfer has 24/7 customer services to help you with any issues concerning the transfer process and any other questions.

Placid Money Transfer Exchange Rate Fees

We have not yet integrated this service into our price comparison, to compare the fees and exchange rate margin of Placid with other money transfer providers.

Why Choose Placid Money Transfer

Unlike most money transfer service providers, this one offers direct disbursement of your money once you start the transfer process. This is because it works directly with actual institutions responsible for disbursing funds to potential recipients.

SpotCash pickup stations are among the other reason for going with this money transfer provider. This capability allows you to send money without the need to define a specific agent ahead of time. 

Though there are many money transfer services providers out there, Placid Money Transfer justly ranks among the best. It might have a few limitations and weaknesses, but it’s an overall capable money transfer provider.

3.0 rating