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OrbitRemit is your chosen expert for money transfers from Oceania around the world. Send New Zealand or Australian Dollars abroad or use the service as a UK ex-pat to transfer money back home.
Other countries than Australia and New Zealand are more or less left out to transfer money from.

OrbitRemit Review: Should I use OrbitRemit for my money transfer?

So far $3.5B has been transferred with OrbitRemit.

This amount was sent mostly from Australia and New Zealand.

OrbitRemit is an excellent solution to transfer money abroad from Australia and New Zealand. OrbitRemit provides the best alternative to TransferWise and CurrencyFair, while the service is priced about in the middle of both providers.

OrbitRemit vs. OFX (Known as OzForex)

We agree with over 20.000 OrbitRemit customer reviews. OrbitRemit is the better alternative to OFX, the other well-known brand of foreign exchange services from Australia.

OrbitRemit receives a better customer satisfaction rating then OFX.

Compare OrbitRemit live exchange rates.

In our price comparison, we feature and compare the live exchange rates of money transfer providers including OrbitRemit. We can highly recommend you to give this provider a try.

Further countries to transfer with OrbitRemit than Australia and New Zealand.

You can also transfer in British Pound, making it possible to transfer money back home when you are a UK ex-pat. While the service is available in the United Kingdom, you may find other providers more tailored to the needs of UK customers.

OrbitRemit overall review.

OrbitRemit is providing robust pricing and user experience. Usually, you only pay a tiny premium rate compared to the cheapest solution in our price comparison. OrbitRemit is also one of the most secure money transfer providers.

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3.0 rating