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No1 Currency Review

No1 currency is one of the best platforms in the Pacific region, which was established in the year 2009. The registered office of No1 currency is located at 15 Galena Road, Hammersmith, in London. At No1 currency, customers can access currency exchange, business payments, and international money transfers, especially through Western Union. There are more 350 travel money locations established by No1 currency to assist you any time you wish to exchange your currency. The good news is that you can buy any kind of foreign currency which you require when you are traveling and even trade back the remainder into pounds. 

No1 currency is trustable since, in the UK, it is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. For instance, In New Zealand, it is registered by the companies’ office. Additionally, No1 currency is authorized and regulated in Ireland by the Central Bank under the European communities’ regulations of the year 2009. Under these regulations, No1 currency has a mandate of maintaining its procedure and systems at the highest standards to detect and prevent any financial crimes. Therefore, you will be assured that you are dealing with a legitimate currency broker.

Services offered by No1 Currency

Click and collect

This is one of the services offered by the No1 currency. Under the click and collect services, the users are entitled to order money online from any location they are and then collect it in the form of cash as a physical store. 

Click and sell services

It is aimed towards customers who wish to sell their unused currency after they have returned to their homes from a specific trip. In this case, clients are entitled to collect money without being charged any commission. 

The good thing with No1 currency is that customers can collect their funds the same day for many of the currencies. Although No1 currency does not charge a commission, when it comes to the home delivery services, you will be charged £5.95. However, the delivery fees can be waived when you order currencies above £750. Apart from the home delivery commission, there are no hidden fees charged for using the No1 currency exchange services.

Home delivery

You will place your currency order online, and the No1 currency support team will assign agents who will deliver cash at your doorstep. In Ireland, the home delivery services are available for orders which range between €400 to €2,500, but in the UK it is between £400 to £2,500. If you place your order before noon, you will receive it the following day. On the other hand, in New Zealand, it is possible to get home delivery orders ranging from NZ $200 to NZ$1,500 using the Royal Mail Special Delivery. No1 currency sets outs its exchange rates at the start of each day so that it correlates to the market rates, thus offering you the best value for your money.

No1 Currency MasterCard

No1 currency also provides MasterCards, which are in the form of Pound Sterling, US Dollars and Euros, especially to the UK clients. The amazing thing with these debit cards is that they are prepaid and have a Mastercard logo. Mastercards can be extremely helpful, especially when traveling in the UK, the US, and Eurozone, and you wish to pay with your debit card using the local currency. MasterCards offered by No1 currency are free if you can load them with more than £400

No1 Currency Review

Finally, many of the people who have used No1 currency have recommended it as one of their favorite currency brokers. This is because, at No1 currency, clients are assured of smooth transactions with highly competitive rates. In addition, it is easy to order and pick up cash using this platform. The support team is also knowledgeable and professional, therefore highly helpful to all customers. However, some clients have complained that No1 currency does not adhere to the opening times they have published on their website. The other disadvantage of No1 currency is that it does not offer many currency options like other companies, the travel cards do take between 5 to 10 days to be delivered to the customers, and the home free delivery is offered for orders above £800. Other customers have also said that the support team is usually slow in responding to the customer’s complaints. 

Despite that, you should know that No1 currency is the best money broker that can assist you in converting your dollars, euros, and any other kind of currency which you may have.

3.3 rating