MoneyTO enables money transfers to over 100.000 cash pick-up locations in 54 countries.

The MoneyTO live chat is available to answer your questions on your money transfer.
Not integrated into CompareTransfer.

What is MoneyTO?

MoneyTO is an online money transfer provider available in the UK and Europe.

MoneyTO has been operating on the money transfer market since 2004. The money transfer company is based in London, UK, and targets especially Eastern European and Latin American countries.

  • MoneyTO lets you send money online from the UK in GBP and from Europe in EUR to 54 countries in total.
  • Register with MoneyTO online via video call and pay by Visa or MasterCard.
  • Money transfers can be picked up in cash at over 100,000 payout locations in 54 countries. The payout currency depends on the country you are sending money to.

MoneyTO Review

Compared to alternative providers, the service of MoneyTO is still tiny. Compare the live exchange rates in our calculator and see for yourself, if MoneyTO is an option worth considering.

2.5 rating