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Because of MoneyGram's customer-friendliness, it is the most popular money transfer provider for good reasons. The world-famous logo proudly swaggers in most cities, while you can also book the full service online.

MoneyGram Review: A world leader in money transfers.

Are you seeking to send money fast to any part of the world? When looking for the best transfer partner, you should watch out for an efficient and reliable company. This report takes you through MoneyGram, MoneyGram Review, and the reasons this platform is preferred worldwide.

What is MoneyGram?

Based in Texas, MoneyGram is a well-known money transfer company recognized globally. Despite being a pioneer in the industry, the exchange rates for MoneyGram range lower in comparison to their competitors.

MoneyGram Receiving Options

MoneyGram allows your recipient diverse options to receive money such as;

  • Send to a Mobile Wallet – A mobile wallet allows your receiver to store funds digitally. This option allows you to send funds to anybody in the internet community.
  • Send to Bank Account – Albeit slower in speed, this option allows your receiver to get their money directly in their bank account.
  • Hand Delivery – MoneyGram lets you organize for your recipient to pick up their cash at various MoneyGram locations in as low as ten minutes at the pickup point of choice.
  • Send Directly to Receiver’s Debit Card – This platform allows you to select a debit card deposit option for Visa debit cards within the states.
  • Paying Bills – MoneyGram payment allows you to settle bills outstanding to utility companies, credit cards, and several other channels.

Requirements for Sending Money Online via MoneyGram

  • Proof of I.D – To send money online via MoneyGram, you will be required to submit a valid I.D driver’s license or passport.
  • Contact Information – You will be required to provide vivid contact information. You will also need your banking information if the transfer is through a bank.
  • Payment Method – For all transfers, you will have to select your appropriate method of payment. Online transfers can be paid for through your bank account, debit, or credit card.
  • Receiver’s Information – You should also have vivid details of your recipient, such as their name and contact information. If you select the bank option, you will also need their bank details, including name and account number. 

Is MoneyGram Safe for Me?

With over eighty years in the industry, MoneyGram has a reputation for secure transfers with safeguards such as;

  • Tracking – You can track your transfer online by entering your reference number and last name in your confirmation.
  • Secure Connection – MoneyGram uses physical, administrative, and technical measures to ensure your money is safe. 
  • Transparency and Accountability – MoneyGram is a listed company by NASDAQ; therefore, you can be certain your money is secure.

Why MoneyGram Stands Out

MoneyGram stands out as a money transfer company because of reasons such as;

  • Wide Stretch – MoneyGram boasts of a wide geographical coverage comprising of more than two hundred countries and approximately 350,000 agent locations. This makes it easier for you to send money to any part of the world.
  • Speed – This money transfer option is quick and reliable. Depending on the location, your recipient can receive their money in as low as ten minutes. Therefore, if you seek to move money from one place to another hastily, you should consider this platform.
  • Flexible Transfer Options – MoneyGram allows you to send money either online or in-person. The platform further allows you to pay using cash, bank wires, credit, and debit cards. Thus, you can choose whichever option that serves your purpose.
  • Delivery Options – MoneyGram allows an array of pick up ways. Delivery options include a mobile wallet, directly to a visa card or the bank. You can also use this platform to pay your bills.
  • Rewards – With MoneyGram, you can find MoneyGram Plus Rewards, which allow you a discount on fees for your transactions. 

Compare the Exchange Rates of MoneyGram with CompareTransfer.

MoneyGram charges tend to vary between agents and online transactions. For online transfers, fees vary according to factors such as;

  • Amount – MoneyGram adopts a tiered system for fees. The amounts vary according to the amount you want to send. Sending two small amounts might be cheaper than a huge transfer
  • Location – The amount you will incur depends on the country you are sending to and your location.
  • Receiving Means – Receiving money through a bank account is less expensive. However, if your recipient prefers cash, you will have to spend more.
  • Payment – With MoneyGram, payment via bank is the cheapest option compared to paying via debit or credit cards.

In our price comparison, you can compare the live exchange rates of MoneyGram on certain routes.

How Long does MoneyGram Money Transfer Take?

When you choose MoneyGram, the speed of transfer fluctuates according to the fees you are willing to pay and how urgently you need the money delivered. Time taken ranges from as little as ten minutes, or you may choose the cheapest option, which lasts for up to five business days.

When sending money from one place to another, it is crucial to consider safety and credibility. With many money transfer platforms, it would be best to choose a safe and secure option. Make the right choice by choosing MoneyGram for quality service.

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