40.000 customers have transferred $2B with Knightsbridge FX.

Great service tailored to Canadian customers.
Only 6 currencies are available to trade.

This is why Canadians love Knightsbridge FX.

Knightsbridge FX is offering better than bank exchange rates guaranteed.

Knightsbridge FX has a great reputation in Canada for offering fair foreign exchange rates

Knightsbridge FX Company is one of the renowned companies in Canada, that offer currency exchange services to their clients. With Knightsbridge FX you will enjoy bank beating foreign exchange rates

Is Knightsbridge FX secure?

Knightsbridge Company is regulated by FINTRAC, which is a Canadian government agency. This means that your money is secure with them. It also has a segregated account with most financial institutions in Canada. There is no way this company will disappear with your money. Even if it happens to delay your transaction, you should be calm and know that your money is safe. Additionally, the company is bonded for $1,000,000.

Knightsbridge FX delivery of funds

Knightsbridge offers same-day delivery of funds to whichever destination of your wish. This, however, has to happen if you book before the bank cut-off.

Some clients have reported that they are not served within one day. This can only be well explained by the fact that the company has so many transactions to handle, so some transactions are pushed forward to the next business day.

Knightsbridge FX Foreign Exchange Rates

Knightsbridge rates beat most bank exchange rates. If you think your bank is giving you the best rate, you haven’t tried Knightsbridge exchange rates. Contacting Knightsbridge for currency exchange services means that you will save lots of dollars compared to when you get the services from any other bank.

Knightsbridge FX Transparency

Have you ever interacted with banks that display faulty rates on their sites which they do not give at the time of transactions? I guess you also feel that it can be disappointing. Knightsbridge never offers conflicting values to lure you into engaging them. What you see in their websites as rates are the same that they will use to serve you when exchanging your funds. You are also given a confirmation of the offered exchange rate in writing before you send your funds. They can never mislead you.

Knightsbridge customer service

Knightsbridge has gotten a clear understanding that customers are attracted to friendly service provision. It makes a difference in the whole process of the transaction. You, therefore, need not worry if you are not sure of the way forward on your transaction. Their friendly customer care personnel will direct you to make the right decision as far as currency exchange and transfer are concerned.

Knightsbridge FX Review

Knightsbridge FX Company is generally one of the best companies for those who want a one-day service delivery with lots of savings. You only need to work hard to set an account, after which the rest will be smooth. May companies are coming up, but I can guarantee you that this is still one of the best companies you should engage from experience.

Knightsbridge FX Details

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