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InstaRem is the prefered money transfer provider in the Asia-Pacific region.
Certain Limits requiring to make a transfer of at least 500$.

What is InstaReM?

InstaReM is a leading digital money transfer company from Singapore that makes it easy for people, businesses, and enterprises, financial institutions to do international money transfer at a small cost. Founded in the year 2014, is has so far gotten regulatory approvals and licenses in Australia, India, Europe United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. It currently powers the payments for the top three of the top ten banks in the South East.

InstaReM has been ranked severally by the World Bank as the number one most effective money transfer service provider from Singapore to Australia and to many other countries.

How can you create an InstaReM account?

Creating an account with InstaReM is very easy. All that is required is to sign up with your Facebook ID or your E-Mail Address.  You can as well open an account for your business transactions. However, in this case, you must open a business account when signing up. 

InstaReM app can be download from you Google Play Store and Apple App Store to remit directly from your smartphone.

InstaReM Fees

InstaReM fees differ from one country to the other as well as with the corridors of the transfers. Typically, the fees vary between zero to one percent. The fees can change and also can be reviewed at any time by the InstaReM currency converter.

The safety of your money with InstaReM

InstaReM is a registered and licensed firm in the stated countries. For that reason, you can be assured of the safety of your money at any given time. More to that, to give you better control over the transaction you make, complete transparency is maintained. Through your thorough verification processes, you are assured that the money will get to the right recipients. 
Advantages of using InstaReM

The reason why you should make InstaReM your money transfer choice is because of the following reasons

Low cost

InstaReM usually charges the nominal fees on the money you are sending.  These competitive rates are usually sourced from Reuters. 

Easy and fast money transfers

Once you sign up, then do the verification of your account, you start transacting immediately. In one to two business days, the recipient will have already gotten the money.

Loyal points

Upon opening an account, you can earn yourself some bonus on InstaPoints. You also get these points every time you do a money transfer. When it comes to redeeming the points, you can always do that against your transactions. 

To get the value of your money, with minimal charges, try InstaReM today to help your business grow, send money at peace to your loved one with a guarantee of them receiving the money in the shortest time possible.

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