Halo is a foreign exchange company based in the UK. It deals with foreign exchange services.  Halo’s primary goal is to offer better international money transfer and payment services to individuals, firms, and businesses all over the world.

Halo Financial traces its foundation to 2004. And for over two decades it has witnessed a massive improvement. Currently, it exchanges more than half a billion pounds every year. Halo Financial deals with more than 35 currencies worldwide. Halo continues to witness a great expansion. This has created confidence in its customers and clients making it one of the most reliable money exchange companies. 

How Does Halo Financial Work?

  1. Open an account. Opening a Halo Financial account is the first step to get started. It is completely free and anyone can do it online or even on your phone.
  2. You’ll receive a call from Halo Financial manager. You’ll discuss how you intend to do your foreign exchange transaction. All your inquiries will also be answered accordingly. Here, you’ll also be provided with an exchange rate quote.
  3. You’ll receive an email after accepting the exchange rate quote. The email contains the information you need to transfer your funds to Halo Financial. 
  4. You’ll then transfer your funds to Halo Financial as per the instruction given in the email. Upon receiving your funds, Halo Financial will send you another email for confirmation purposes. 
  5. Finally, Halo Financial will exchange your currency and channel it to your beneficiary. 

Are Halo Exchange Rates Reliable?

Halo exchange rates are reliable and much better than the retail rates offered by other banks. Halo estimates that customers save up to 4% of the exchange rate fees as compared to other banks. 

It is noteworthy that Halo Financial is based on the mid-market rate. It is from this that a small margin is deducted.  The margin lies between 0.3% – 1%. This can escalate up to 5% or even more in some other banks making Halo Financial a solid choice for you.  Remember this amount is calculated based on the amount of money you are exchanging. It is a direct proportionality. 

Is It Safe To Transact With Halo? |Why you should make Halo a Solid Choice

  1. Credible and secure. Halo finance is certified by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is equally registered with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as a Money Service Business. 
  2. Additional services. Halo allows you to make regular payments, forward a contract, and make automated orders and daily currency analysis. 
  3. Guaranteed customer satisfaction. Halo Financial has some of the highest ratings with over 1000 customer reviews on some sites. Halo finance has an average rating of 4.8/5. Many of these 5-star reviews are just a perfect way to determine our credibility and build your confidence in transacting with us. 
  4. Quality services. Halo Financial works to ensure a great client relationship while maintaining our commercial needs. At Halo Financial, we act in the best interest of the clients. We make them value our cool approach to things. As a client, you cast your trust in us for better service delivery. We endeavor to live up to quality service delivery. 
  5. Customers are a priority to us. Here at halo financial, customers are just an integral part of us. And no one feels much more cared for than here at hallow. Your views are a priority to us.  Our extensive relationship, respect, and code of conduct with customers have enabled us to culture one of the most profitable and healthy positive client feedback. 
  6. At Halo Financial, we have a point of view. To keep our customers up to date with our currency changes and flexibilities, we have a formidable team of currency specialists who work and comment on the media regularly. We make sure our current updates are posted on magazines, top newspapers, top TV channels, and online platforms where our existing and potential customers can stay posted.  We always want to make sure you are in touch with us, our current trends, and every aspect of halo progress.
  7. Halo is widely known and recognized. Due to our outstanding dedication to client service, the Halo Financial has won numerous awards making it prove more legit to any doubting customers. So our prospective customers have confidence in our services. Just to name a few awards:
  • OPP Gold Awards- For emerging the best supporting service 
  • Best business awards- For emerging the best in customer focus
  • Feefo Gold Merchant Status 
3.0 rating