exchange4free Review

Exchange4free is a money transfer provider based in the UK and has handled over $4 billion by offering its services in more than 60 viable currencies around the globe. Established in 2004, exchange4free has expanded its services to more than 100 countries worldwide and still striving for more numbers.

Moreover, it services 30,000+ corporate and private clients and offers professional foreign exchange at the best price guarantees. Let’s look at why you should consider this modern and fast-growing money transfer provider.

Exchange Rates of exchange4free

They earn their money by charging their clients a percentage above the set mid-market rate. According to their official website, the margins begin at around 0.25%. Getting a quote requires you to talk to the customer service or click on the ‘request a quote’ icon.

Fees of exchange4free

As the name suggests, you aren’t charged for any international money transfer services by this platform. Moreover, there are no other hidden charges when you decide to use exchange4free money transfer.

As earlier mentioned, the only way this service provider makes a profit is by charging a margin on top of the bank mid-market rates.

Exchange4free allows a minimum transfer of US$100 or an equivalent amount in other currencies. Additionally, it will enable you to send money to over 100 countries globally.

How to Register on Exchange4free

Before sending money with this provider, you must first register an account with them. The process is free and only takes a few minutes. For formalities and you’ll need to submit proof of ID.  You’ll also be required to have a copy of your passport and address document.

This is done in relevance with the global anti-money laundering and terrorism financing regulations.

After opening an account, the following steps should finalize the money transfer process:

  1. Get a Quote – Log into your Exchange4free user account and fill in the necessary details. You can also do this by calling the customer service and request a quote.
  2. Deposit – After getting a quote, you should deposit the amounts you wish to transfer using your debit or credit card.
  3. Finalize the process – Once deposited, the money will be sent to the designated address. The beneficiary can arrange to pick up the cash or have it sent directly to their mobile wallet.

Exchange4free offers online help services for its customers concerning a variety of frequently asked questions and their answers. You can reach their services using your phone, email, or live chat.

Pros and cons of exchange4free


  • Supports over 60 currencies
  • A variety of payout tools
  • Live Chat available


  • No limit orders
  • Unavailable in the US

More Services offered by Exchange4free

  • Business forex
  • Payment services
  • Technology solutions
  • Mobile money transfers

Exchange4Free Review

Exchange4free offers competitive and attractive rates in more than 60 currencies, making it stand out among other money transfer providers. However, US residents don’t get to enjoy this fantastic platform.

This money transfer provider is provisioned to give you high-level professional services with advanced technology and the most favorable prices on the market.

3.0 rating