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Deemoney Review

What is Deemoney?

DeeMoney is a digital money transfer firm that allows users to send money across the planet seamlessly. The company is committed to ensuring transferring money cross-border is painless in all aspects.

After its official launching in July 2018, DeeMoney has continued to disrupt the FinTech industry with faster, cheaper, and more innovative services. This has made it for people to send and receive money across borders, especially those who have no access to traditional bank branches.

In this article, you will learn more about DeeMoney online money transfer service so that you can make an informed decision before you can start using the service.

DeeMoney Information and Credibility

DeeMoney is a global financial technology company offering money transfer and foreign currency exchange services to its users. The company employs top-notch technology and encryption to ensure user data and money are safe. This means you can safely send money abroad to your loved ones.

This financial solution provider is based in Thailand and licensed by the Bank of Thailand. Before it started operating in 2018, it received a Non-Bank International Money Remittance Service License, Money-Exchange License, and the E-Payment License from the Bank of Thailand.

Since its incorporation, DeeMoney continues to grow and is currently offering transfer and 34 currency exchange services. It allows payouts to 35 different countries.

Besides money transfer services to these selected countries, DeeMoney has partnered with Moneygram, allowing users to send money to over 180 countries worldwide.

How DeeMoney Works

Transferring money using DeeMoney is relatively easy and convenient. Interestingly, you can start sending money and making payments immediately when you complete registering. To make a transfer, follow these steps.

Create a DeeMoney account: To register with DeeMoney, you can either visit one of the company branches or fill their online form, then wait for the sales staff to contact you back to finalize the registration. After registration, you can download the mobile application to start transferring. The app is available for iOS and Android OS.

  • Enter the recipient’s details: In this step, you will input the details of the intended recipient. It is always good to double-check to ensure you have entered the correct information.
  • Enter the amount: After inputting recipients’ data, go back to the homepage, select “Send Money”, and enter the amount you want to send.
  • Select “QR payment”: Unlike most online money transfer services, payments are made through QR code in DeeMoney. When you select QR payment, a QR code will be generated. Tap “Save” to save it to your gallery.
  • Scan the QR code: To make payment to DeeMoney, scan the QR code using your bank account’s mobile banking app. DeeMoney will handle the rest.

DeeMoney charges a flat rate ranging from 150 THB to 250 THB, depending on the country you are sending to. Myanmar and China are exempted from this – transferring to China will cost you 300 THB while sending money to Myanmar costs no fees.


DeeMoney’s online money transfer service allows you to send money to over 180 countries. The most significant challenge is that it works with Thailand banks. Although it might not be the cheapest means to send money abroad, it is a safe and convenient means to transfer money internationally.

4.0 rating