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Azimo Review: What do I need to know before transferring money with Azimo?

With Azimo you can send money from Europe to 195 countries in over 60 different currencies.

Is Azimo the best money transfer provider?

The answer is no!

Azimo is not the best money transfer provider, because the best money transfer provider simply does not exist.

This is why we have given no money transfer provider the 5-star rating in our money transfer reviews.

What fluctuates between money transfer providers are the fees, the exchange rate, the coverage, and the service.

And this makes Azimo a very good money transfer provider – When not the best solution to send money abroad for you.

The best money transfer provider would be a comparison portal.

CompareTransfer – Discount Money Transfer Broker.

How Azimo transferred from start-up to established money transfer provider.

Michael Kent (Founder and CEO of Azimo)

Founded in the early 10s by a team of founders around Michael Kent, who previously already founded Small World Money Transfers in 2005, Azimo brought international money transfers online.

The goal was to outsmart the big transfer brands like Western Union and MoneyGram, which account for the highest market share in international remittance by providing better service online and via the app.

Was the plan succesful? Yes!

Reviews of customers show they appreciate the service more than Western Union money transfers.

Azimo receives excellent customer reviews, while Western Union is only rated average.

Azimo simply provides superior user experience over Western Union.

Azimo means roughly ‘assistance’ or ‘something lent’ in Swahili and also ‘those who will be great’ in Arabic.

Although Western Union is the biggest money transfer provider by the market share, it does not let you compare the fees with CompareTransfer.

The reason: CompareTransfer is calculating the exchange rate margin of money transfers and Western Union does not want to let you know how much are the hidden fees on top of your transfer.

As a fast-moving start-up, our partner Azimo supported CompareTransfer from the beginning.

You also can support CompareTransfer while booking an Azimo money transfer!

Send money with Azimo directly here in our price comparison and let us earn a commission to cover our expenses and build the most transparent online price comparison for money transfers.

What you can experience at Azimo.

  • Send money to your loved ones.
  • Transfer to over 300.000 cash pick up locations online and via the app.
  • Multi-currency transfers to bank accounts via local and swift deposit.
  • Instant money transfers to over 50 countries.
  • Live updates for your transaction.
  • Your money is in safe hands.
  • Benefit from selected Azimo Coupons and Refer-A-Friend.

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