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Very classic money transfer provider which is also enabling Cash Transfers.
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ACE Money Transfer Review

Should I transfer money with ACE?

By using the ACE Money Transfer App available for Android and iPhone, you can send money anytime.

We are working on integrating ACE Money Transfers into CompareTransfer.

As of now, our price comparison does not include ACE Money Transfers yet. We are working on featuring the live exchange rates of ACE in comparison with over 10 other money transfer providers.

What is Ace Money Transfers?

Ace money transfer is one of the best international money transfer companies in the world. It has been assisting many people in making transfers since its inception in the year 2002. The main offices of Ace money transfer are located in Manchester, United Kingdom. One of the best things about Ace money Transfer Company is that it offers its services in more than 53 countries

Ace Money Transfers Coverage

You can send money to the following countries using Ace money transfer
South America- Peru and Brazil
Asia- United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Pakistan
Europe- United Kingdom, Lithuania, Sweden, Luxembourg, Turkey, Spain, Malta, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Austria, Latvia, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Cyprus, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
Africa-Uganda, Nigeria, Mauritania, Niger, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Guinea, Benin, Ghana, Morocco, Mali, Kenya, and Burkina Faso.    

How Ace money transfer works?

Before you make any transaction, you will be required to click on the country page. However, you must log in to your Ace account and follow the following steps to make a transfer to your recipient:

  • Select the recipient country
  • Choose the payout option which can be either cash or bank
  • Choose your payout partner
  • Enter the transfer amount
  • Enter the Recipient details
  • Choose a method of payment
  • Confirm if all the details you have entered are correct
  • Send money online

Note that Ace money transfer may request some documents when proofing your identity. Some of the documents include a National ID card, passport, driving license, utility bill, payslips and bank statement.

Sending and receiving methods

You can send money using Online bank transfer through Trustily, credit card, debit card and IDEAL (specifically for the Netherlands)
On the other hand, recipients can access the funds using the following methods:
Cash pick, which is usually available immediately. However, sometimes the recipient may be required to wait until the next business day, especially when the transfer is made after banking hours, local public holidays, and weekdays.
Bank deposits- In this case, funds are credits between 1 to 2 business days, depending on the recipient country.

Transfer Limits and Fees

Ace does not have a maximum limit for customers who wish to use it to send money so long as they meet the compliance requirements. On the other hand, Ace money transfer does not have any hidden fees or additional charges at the receiving end.

Is it safe to use Ace money transfer?

Yes. Ace money transfer has done its best formulating rules and designing systems meant to protect customer information and funds. Additionally, Ace money transfer is approved and licensed by the financial transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada.

Transfer speed

In case you are sending money using a credit or debit card, your transactions can be completed within a few minutes. On the other hand, if you are sending money using the Trustly, your transactions can be completed between 1 to 2 days. However, other factors influence the transfer speed. Some of them are:

  • Business working days for instance banks do not operate on local holidays and weekends
  • The difference in time zones
  • The accuracy of both your personal and recipient data that you provide.
  • How long your documents take to be verified.


  • Regular updates which can enable you to know the status of your money
  • Personalized and updated currency exchange rate alerts
  • High level of online security
  • It does not have a minimum or maximum transfer limits
  • You can make transfers either through a mobile app or website 24/7
  • Apart from the bank or cash transfer option you also have another option of transferring money to a mobile wallet in some countries


  • Supports few currencies such as Danish krone, Norwegian krone, Sweden krona, Indian rupee, Polish Zloty, Sri Lankan rupee, British pound, and Euro
  • Only a few customers around the world can access the Ace money transfer services

Ace Money Transfer Review

Once you access the Ace money transfer platform, you will access some convenient and unique options; however, you may also find that it does not support some major currencies. The best thing you can do is find out your preferred country and currency are supported before deciding if you are going to use this platform.

ACE Money Transfer Details

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