Renting an apartment in the UK

Renting an apartment in the UK

The United Kingdom houses 66.78million people constituting about 0.87% of the total world population. This is a pointer to the fact that the several millions of people need shelter and beyond, need a place to call a home even if it is temporal. Additionally, there are several thousands of people across the globe that fly into the country to watch various sports, catch up with business appointments and make transactions that amount into several million and billions of Pounds Sterling.

The concern shifts swiftly to the fact that people needed a hotel, rent an apartment for their temporary sojourn in the United Kingdom. Quite a number of the United Kingdom citizens are also on a lookout for a new apartment for rent due to several factors such as change of environment due to work transfer, family and a handful of others. These set of people are also on a close watch to rent an apartment in the UK.

Price Range Of Apartment In The United Kingdom.

Price for renting an apartment in the United Kingdom vary due to factors such as the location of the apartment, facilities accessible and third-party payment. To rent an apartment in London cost an average of £150,000 to £250,000 PCM and £40,000 to £60,000pw. A house situated at Park Lane, Mayfair very in the rental price to that situated at Hamilton Palace. It is expected that you should check your budget as well as out your wants and desire in a house on a scale of preference as there is often no perfect match to your dream apartment.

The price range indicates that there are different apartments for people according to their budget. While some are comparatively high, some are cheap and are affordable by low budget earners.

Are you a foreigner looking an apartment to reside for a short period of one month, I recommend Airbnb for you. Perhaps you desire an apartment for rent and a prolonged period of 1 year, why not check out for your perfect fit at Nestpick. As expected, quite a large number of UK citizens and visitors are students seeking to gain additional knowledge in their respective field of knowledge, I recommend Gumtree for you to book your desired apartment in Uk


There are also some laws guiding renting an apartment in the UK that would be handy for you as a tenant or landlord. These laws are applicable prior, during and after the completion of the deal.

The duration for tenancy in the United Kingdom is 6months to 7months with a chance to decide the amount that is deductible from your take home, one which statistics puts on an average of 35%. It is also important to verify your documents as well, as it will be needed by your landlord and agents to certify your identity. Additionally, it is important to note that you have the obligation to know your landlord and if you’re renting the apartment via an agent, you can write to know your landlord with a correspondence which must be given on or before 21days.

There is no reward without an effort being put into play, the same is true for renting an apartment. There are also responsibilities for tenants and landlords both of which form the terms of the agreement. The tenant is expected to pay the rental fee as at when due, additionally, pay for bills as agreed in the terms of the agreement. Tenants are also obligated to look after the property in the rental terms of the agreement.

The landlord, on the other hand, is obligated to maintain the internal and exterior structure of the property while (s)he is responsible for the repair of damaged properties such as electricity, water and gaseous supply.

Landlords who want to give a quit notice must follow a process of giving a prior notice which must come 2months before the eviction is done. This can also be resolved amicably as agreed upon in the terms of the agreement.

Final Takeaway.

There are basically two ways to rent an apartment in the United Kingdom, namely; directly from the landlord or through a letting agent which serve as the intermediary between the tenant and the landlord.

If you are on a match to renting an apartment in the Uk, I recommend that you check your budget, look carefully at the terms of agreement before giving consent as well as several other factors such as extra bills to pay for. Are you in search of a credible page that can  provide the necessary information on how to send money to the UK as a foreigner, I recommend this page for you

Without much ado, renting an apartment in the United Kingdom can be fun and stressfree if you would follow the appropriate process and be accurate information about your identity.

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