How to use PayPal in Azerbaijan?

How to use PayPal in Azerbaijan?

Is it possible to send money with PayPal in Azerbaijan?

You can send money using PayPal from Azerbaijan to 59 countries abroad. You can create a PayPal account, add your Credit Card as the payment method, and start sending money to PaPal accounts overseas. However, because the PayPal fees are high, this is usually only an excellent way to pay at online shops, but not to send regular payments abroad.

Can I receive PayPal payments in Azerbaijan?

It is not possible to receive and withdraw PayPal payments in Azerbaijan. Thus, you also can not transfer money using PayPal within Azerbaijan. It does make the most sense to open and use your bank account for receiving local and international bank transfers.

PayPal alternatives in Azerbaijan.

CompareTransfer is a price comparison engine for international money transfers. With CompareTransfer, you can compare the fees and exchange rates of over ten money transfer providers and choose the cheapest way to transfer money to Azerbaijan.

Send money from Slovakia to Azerbaijan.

By using CompareTransfer, you can choose the best PayPal alternative available for receiving money in Azerbaijan. You can transfer money to bank accounts or by local cash pick-up.

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