What is the best way to pay freelancers abroad?

What is the best way to pay freelancers abroad?

Are you searching for a WordPress Agency abroad?

CompareTransfer is working with a WordPress Agency from Ukraine. If you want to find out more about our WordPress Agency, contact us so we can refer you. Our WordPress Agency is doing great work at reasonable prices.

What is the cheapest way to pay freelancers abroad?

We are aware of the enormous prices of online marketplaces, and also fees by banks or PayPal can be pricey. Markets for Freelancers like Upwork take a huge cut of the bill, while it could be completely free to pay for invoices of freelancers abroad, when you choose a discount money transfer provider.

With CompareTransfer, you can compare the exchange rates and choose the best offer to send money on foreign bank accounts.

In our example, we pay a bill of 500$ from Singapore to the USA. Our WordPress Agency also maintains a bank account in the USA, so this is exactly how we avoid paying fees when paying for freelancers abroad.

Upwork fees for paying freelancers abroad.

When paying a freelancer or agency 500$ using Upwork, the fees are resulting in 115$.

How to avoid Upwork fees?

Upwork fees are starting at 20% for the freelancer or agency. In our example, this is a whopping 100$ of the payment.

Besides, 3% of card processing fees will apply on the payment resulting in 15$ on top when you pay a freelancer abroad.

PayPal Transfer and Currency Conversion Fees

The fees for paying the freelancer abroad are 45.60$.

How to avoid PayPal fees?

In another blog post we have written about PayPal fees for paying freelancers abroad.

Sending the international payment via PayPal, up to 45,60‬$ fees would apply on an international transfer of 500 USD.

PayPal fees reflect the fees of banks, and you could also expect to pay 45,60$ for an international bank transfer.

You would win 8.70$ with CompareTransfer.

CompareTransfer is beating the real mid-market rate for paying a freelancer abroad.

If you pay your freelancer abroad, other platforms charge enormous fees of 115$ to 45,60$, while you could effectively win 8.70$ after currency conversion, transaction fees, and coupon codes by comparing prices of international discount money transfers using CompareTransfer.

These are the fees for sending 500 SGD to the USA on 23.06.19.

Using CompareTransfer you could use an offer of InstaRem and would effectively benefit on your first transaction. 4 other providers for the transfer from Singapore to the USA are found. With CompareTransfer you can search for money transfers in over 200 countries.

With CompareTransfer, the savings on paying freelancers abroad are here. Avoid hefty fees of other operators and find the best way to pay freelancers elsewhere using CompareTransfer.

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