Top Money Transfer Services

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CIBC is offering money transfer services in Canada.
4.0 rating
Hai Ha is a money transfer service from Australia.
3.3 rating
Transfer Galaxy is a money transfer service from Sweden
0.0 rating
GlobalWebPay is a money transfer service from the United Kingdom.
0.0 rating
ATL is a money transfer service from the United Kingdom.
3.0 rating
SendMoney24 is a money transfer service from the United Kingdom.
0.0 rating
Best Finance is a money transfer service from Lithuania.
0.0 rating
Mercury FX is a foreign exchange provider in Hong Kong, South Afrika and the UK.
4.0 rating
TalkRemit is a money transfer service from the UK.
4.0 rating
Nice one. Azimo covers your foreign exchange needs from A to Z.
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South Korean money transfer provider.
4.3 rating
Exchange CLP and send money worldwide.

Find the best international money transfer service

At CompareTransfer, you will find one of the largest money transfer provider databases online. Our list contains over 100 of the best money transfer providers worldwide. Choose from the best money transfer provider in our independent reviews.

Over 100 money transfer services independently reviewed

Our money transfer providers list already contains 100 of the most renowned foreign exchange companies worldwide and will steadily be expanded. Today, these are our top 5 money transfer services.

Top 5 online money transfer providers

According to CompareTransfer, these are the 5 best money transfer services to book and pay online.

  1. Wise – Wise provides the real exchange rate
  2. WorldRemit – WorldRemit is the best alternative to Western Union and MoneyGram
  3. CurrencyFair – CurrencyFair provides the highest coupon value for new customers
  4. XE – XE is the most popular foreign exchange brand
  5. Remitly – Because Remitly is so competitive

Best money transfer providers to pay in cash

Do you prefer to visit a money transfer provider in person and deposit in cash? These are the best places to look for nearby locations. Usually, you will find the locations and logos of each of these money transfer services in every city.

This is how we calculate the review score for money transfer services

While you can compare the real live exchange rates and fees of international money transfer services in our comparison, our reviews feature 4 different values to calculate the rating. The values of our review score for money transfer firms consist of these values:

  • Money Transfer Transparency – Is the money transfer service secure, fully licensed, does the exchange rate contain a margin and how will it be displayed.
  • Money Transfer Coverage – Which currencies are are available to deal with, which countries and banking relationships are covered.
  • Money Transfer Partnerships – Can you compare the real live exchange rates with comparison portals, at which payout partners will the money be delivered, from which payment options and withdrawal option can a customer choose.
  • Money Transfer Service – Can you reach the company by live chat or local telephone number and how does the service deal with complaints.

Each of these values has the same weight when the CompareTransfer review score is calculated.

How to choose the best money transfer provider?

One of the major talking points of remittance does not have an influence on the money transfer rating: The price after exchange rate loss and transfer fees. You can calculate this value exclusively in our fee-calculator of 9 money transfer services.

Compare the real exchange rates of these 9 money transfer services with CompareTransfer.

  • Azimo
  • TransferWise
  • CurrencyFair
  • WorldRemit
  • Skrill
  • Remitly
  • Remitbee
  • Orbitremit
  • TransferGo

After free price comparison, you can find with CompareTransfer the cheapest money transfer service in over 50 countries.

The best coupon codes for money transfers

At CompareTransfer you also can look through the best money transfer promotions

These are our top 5 money transfer discount codes