What are the cheapest countries to study abroad?

What are the cheapest countries to study abroad?

Studying outside your country sounds great, right? You can get to know a different culture, meet people from all over the world, get valuable experiences and, of course, have a lot of fun!

As an international student, you have to take into consideration the expenses of your study, which don’t come cheap in many countries. The good news? There are countries in the world where the education is very cheap, and sometimes even free!

Check out our list with the cheapest countries to study in the world!

Study in Belgium – the country of Chocolate

With costs of about 12280€ a year, Belgium is the most expensive country in our list.

Apart from very good chocolate, Belgium has many other things to offer: Spectacular cities, friendly people, streets paved with history and very cheap education! The best university in the country is KU Leuven, which is also Belgium’s first university and the 71th in the World.

For a room in a shared apartment or in a student campus you will pay between 200 and 450 Euros per month, while the utilities will be around 140 Euros.

A cheap meal is around 15 Euros if you visit a restaurant, but if you go to a supermarket and cook by yourself it will only cost you the half.

The University fees are more than affordable. EU and US citizens end up paying around 2800 Euros per year in university tuition fees. Depending to which region of Belgium you want to go, you might have to learn Dutch, French or German. However English is widely spoken in the country and most Universities offer courses in English.

Something to remember: if you are on a diet, do not visit any Chocolate store. Your wallet will suffer and you will have to pay for a gym subscription!

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Study in Germany – Great beer and great education

Students need about 1000€ each month too afford their studies in Germany

While many expats complain about the hard German language, you will quickly learn how to order a rich meal or a (great!) beer. Bars are very popular among young students and a beer will cost you between 2.50 and 4 Euros, but you can get it from the store for 0.70 Euros. If you have to save money, you should choose to live in a room sharing community with other students, which will cost you about 200 – 400 Euro a month depending on the city. Some universities also offer the possibility of cheap housing for their students, which will cost you about the same than a room sharing community.

On the other hand, you can eat in a normal restaurant with only 10 Euro, and you won’t pay more than 120 Euros on groceries if you cook at home. International fast food like Kebap, Thai or Chinese Food is already available for only 4 – 6 Euro.

For a one way ticket with the bus (to see one of the many museums that Germany has) you have to prepare 2.70 Euros. Luckily, as a student, you will get in most states of Germany not only a discount on bus tickets, but also in museums. Even if all these expenses quickly can add up, the University fee is great: about 50 Euros for every semester, a symbolic fee for both EU and US students. Of course, private universities have the right to choose their fees and some of them require a 20.000 Euros per semester fee.

No need though, the public ones are amazing! Another advantage: most of the universities offer courses in English, so you don’t have to learn German if you don’t want to!

The LMU Munich University is ranked on number 30 in the “Best Universities in the World”, so check out their admission criteria.

Myth: Some people say that Germans are not very friendly, but you will be happy to discover that they are welcoming, warm peers!

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Study in France – J’aime le Paris!

Sudents have to calculate with costs of about 8900€ a year in France. In Paris the expenses for living can be slightly higher.

For sure France was on your list of “places to go”, so why not study here? The country is full of unique museums, medieval castles, high fashion stores and interesting events to keep you busy for an entire year! Of course, all this comes for a price so you have to save money by renting a flat with other students: you will pay between 200 and 400 Euros for a room, and between 150 to 300 Euros for groceries. Some universities offer cheap accommodation for international student, so check that out!

The utilities are cheaper, around 150 Euros per month. To eat in a regular restaurant you need to have 14 Euro, while a menu in a fast food chain is only half the price. Save money by buying your beer from the store instead of ordering it at the restaurant, since it goes from 2 to 6 Euros. The good news? Buying food from the locals will help you save a lot of money!

Also, save money and skip a gym subscription by walking, since a one-way ticket is 1.90 Euros. You can apply for a transport student pass that is only half the price of the regular monthly 22.80 Euros pass, but only if you are under 26 years old.

Why did I leave the university fee for the end? Well, because you will only pay about 500 Euros per year if you are EU student, and double if you come from USA. The fact that you will be offered free French courses is also an advantage, as not all universities provide English sections. The PSL Research University Paris is a group of the best universities in the country, and a degree from here is not easy to get!

A piece of advice from the locals: While Paris is very tempting for many international students, it can become quite expensive if you like shopping. To cut your expenses In half, choose one of the smallest cities around the capital.

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Study in Taiwan – Busy night markets and adventurous cuisine

You will need about 8000€ a year to cover study and living expenses in Taiwan.

Not many students think about Taiwan as an option, but it is one of the cheapest countries for international students and the Universities don’t have high requirements for admission. For a very interesting meal outside you have to pay only 3 Euros, and you can rent your own cozy flat for 320 Euros or share it with a peer for half the price. The basic utilities are only 50 Euros, but add another 20 Euros for the Internet.

The University will cost you about 3000 Euros per year, making Taiwan a great country to study abroad for cheap, in English. As a bonus, you can take free Chinese courses in almost any university! National Taiwan University is the country’s best university and it is very popular among local and international students.

Free tip: if you are a picky eater, make sure to ask the waiter what ingredients are used for the dish you are about to order. You will have a surprise!

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Study in Egypt – the land of Pharos and Falafel

With only about 7600€ of annual expenses it may be even cheaper to study in Egypt compared to your home country.

The adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you in Egypt! The country of Pyramids will not only allow you to visit the most mysterious places on Earth, but also to taste authentic Oriental foods and to meet the friendliest people around. A meal in a restaurant is only 3 Euros, and the utilities around 20 Euros. Avoid Taxis if you are on a budget, as they have no fixed fare: if you are a foreigner, the prices become 10 times higher almost instantly! The subway is a cheap and safe version for only 0.10 Euros.

The rent is just as cheap: between 70 and 100 Euros for a cozy room in a flat with other students, from where you can see the thousand mosques that decorate Cairo. As for the University, you will have to pay about 5000 Euro as an international student, but it will be well worth it.

Watch out if you want to work in Europe afterwards, as some countries don’t recognize easily Egyptian degrees. Either way, Egypt is without a doubt one of the best places to study abroad! Arabic is not necessary, as all Universities have an English section. Take a look at the American University in Cairo, as it is the best one in the country and it is recognized abroad!

Tips and Tricks: Learn how to negotiate! Egyptians love to do it, and they will be happy to give you a better offer for almost everything!

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Study in Italy – Pizza, Pasta and cheap study!

Italy is a great destination to study abroad. Students need about 7300€ a year to afford their studies.

While education is free in Italy for residents, as an International student you will have to pay about 1000 Euros per Year for University. However, every penny is worth considering how much amazing Pizza you are going to eat!

The beautiful Italy will charge you between 100 and 250 Euros for a room in a shared flat or student campus, and you will have to take out of your pocket 150 Euros for utilities. The food, on the other hand, is quite cheap: 8 Euros for a meal out, 3 Euros for delicious street food and about 130 Euros for groceries.

Learn the Italian language if you want to get the best courses in your university; although you can study in English, some sections only accept Italian-speaking students. The best university in Italy is Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, but you have to go through a difficult application process to get admitted.

The clothes are cheaper than in most European countries, and you can definitely ruin your budget in one of the many bazaars. The good news? You can visit a historical building every week and you wouldn’t see them all before you get your degree, not to mention that they offer great packages for tourists and students!

Pssst! The Carnival of Venice takes place every year, and it is magical!

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Study in Hungary – Neoclassical buildings and Central European Cuisine

Budapest is not only a world class city, but also the preferred destination of international students. With only 6800€ in expenses a year you will get great value for money.

If you are a food enthusiast and you are eager to taste timeless, delicious meals, than Hungary is the country for you and one of the cheapest countries to study abroad! Did I mention that you only have to pay about 5 Euros for a meal at the restaurant?

The tuition fees range from 0 to 3000 Euros per year, depending on your citizenship and the courses you take. Hungarian language is not necessary in university, as you can study in English! The University of Szeged is not only providing scholarships for international students, but it is also the best one in the entire country.

Furthermore, average rent will cost you about 150 Euros per month if you share a flat with other students, and utilities around 150 Euros per month. Save some money by cooking at home and spend about 80 Euros on groceries. You might think about bringing clothes from home, since they tend to be quite expensive in Hungary; a regular pair of jeans is about 60 Euros and a summer dress is around 30 Euros. With a salary of 640 Euros per month, the Hungarians have to save up to buy a new wardrobe!

Advice from the locals: Hungarians have very strong, home-made alcohol, so don’t try to challenge them into drinking!

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Study in Argentine –  Learn Tango in a wonderful country

To study in Argentine comes with expenses of about 6200€ a year. Make the dream come true!

Argentine became one of the most popular destination for international students, simply because the academic year costs only about 2000 Euros, making it a wonderful place to study for cheap.

Depending on what courses you want to take, you might have to learn some Spanish. Don’t worry, you will speak the language effortlessly, as many universities offer special Spanish courses for foreign students. Universidad de Buenos Aires is an excellent choice, as it is the highest ranking in the country and it has special features for international students, such as personalized courses and cheap accommodation.

As an international student you will have to go through a tough admission process, but once you’re in you can enjoy a meal in a traditional restaurant for only 8 Euros, or you can get delicious street food like “Chori” for 1 Euro.

To get your own place you have to pay between 200 and 300 Euros, or you can cut the expenses in half by getting a roommate! You can visit the city by bus, since a ticket is only 0.35 Euros. The country is famous not only for its delicious (but spicy!) food, but also for the passion for Tango, so don’t hesitate to take classes from the best dancers in the world (it won’t cost you more than 50 Euros per month).

For utilities, you will pay around 70 Euro, and 35 Euros for the Internet. Groceries are not more than 50 Euros per month if you are not a picky eater, so put Argentine on your list!

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Study in Romania – The country of Dracula and great night clubs

To study in Romania is one of our insider tips. With costs of about 5500€ a year it’s not only very affordable, it also comes with a great quality.

If you want to have fun during university, Romania is the place to be. Here you can find some of the best night clubs in Europe, not to mention friendly people and amazing views. If you decide to study in Romania you will be happy to know that the average fees for EU students are 1000 Euros per year, while US students will pay double or triple. Although it is enough to know English to be admitted in the university, you will have to take Romanian courses (which are available for free) and take a language exam after one year. The University of Bucharest, the best University in Romania, welcomes thousands of international students every year.

For a room in a shared flat you will have to pay 80 Euros every month, while the utilities are no more than 100 Euros. 10 Euros is everything you need to pay for a great meal, and you shouldn’t pay more than 100 Euros every month for groceries, especially if you buy from the locals. A beer is only 0.50 Euros, same as a one-way ticket for the bus or tram. Get a student subscription with only 8 Euros per month and use public transport as much as you want!

Also, don’t worry about keeping in touch with your family and friends! You will enjoy the fastest internet in Europe for about 10 Euros!

Fun Fact: it is considered rude to refuse a meal or a drink and the locals offer plenty of them, so get ready to eat incredible meals!

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Study in India – Street Food and more spices than you can handle

With costs of only about 4400€ a year India is the cheapest place to study abroad.

There’s no wonder that Indian students have a great reputation. In India, the locals believe that the University is maybe the most important thing in one person’s life, so the teachers will have very high expectancies from every student. Even so, the fee for the university is extremely affordable: around 1000 Euros per year. English is widely spoken in India, so you don’t have to worry about a language barrier in or outside the University! Locals and foreign students compete to be admitted in the University of Delhi, the best of its kind in the country.

The rent is between 50 and 80 Euros per month for a shared flat, while the utilities come cheap: 27 Euros per month. For food, you can pay as less as 2 Euros for a meal, and 100 Euros per month will get you plenty of groceries. When you are not studying, you can visit the temples that give life to the old country, or you can take Yoga lessons in one of the many sanctuaries. Either way, you will have a really spiritual experience!

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Our review about the cheapest countries to study abroad

All these countries are great options, and they all offer amazing study opportunities for reasonable fees. Of course, if you want to save money make sure that you commit to your courses and that you get your degree as soon as possible. Take advantage of what the world has to offer!

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