How to avoid Upwork fees?

How to avoid Upwork fees?

How to avoid paying over 20% Upwork fees?

Upwork is the largest online marketplace for freelancers and developed out of the merger of Elance and Odesk.

Currently, the fee model of Upwork looks like this:

Amound ChargedUpwork FeesPayment Fees
First $50020.00%2.75%
$500 – $10,00010.00%2.75%

Additional Upwork service fees apply.

Besides, Upwork charges further $0.15 fees for connecting with possible clients, $0.99 for initiating a withdrawal, and as a client, you also can choose from a monthly subscription.

More Upwork fees are hidden in the currency conversion.

When this is not already enough for you, Upwork also charges hidden currency conversion fees.

By default the currency billed to clients by Upwork is US Dollar, but when you want to convert to a different currency like Indian Rupee, you will receive an exchange rate, which is up too 4.5% worse than the real mid-market rate.

How to avoid Upwork fees?

The solution to avoid Upwork fees is simple. While alternative platforms like might help you to reduce the overall costs a little, you should prevent forming agreements with freelancers on marketplaces, in general, to reduce the unnecessary marketplace fee ultimately.

There are various other forms to find freelancers or agencies to work for your company, other than freelance platforms: What is more important in this case, is choosing the best way to pay freelancers abroad.

In our example, we compare the fees of PayPal and CompareTransfer for a transfer to the USA.

Pay freelancers abroad
This is the result of sending 500 SGD to the USA on 23.06.19.

By utilizing a coupon for new customers, you could effectively win money while avoiding Upwork fees.

CompareTransfer vs. PayPal: How to avoid PayPal fees?

CompareTransfer is a discount money transfer broker. In our price comparison, you can search for the cheapest offers to remit money internationally.

By doing so, you can eliminate the high fees of marketplaces for freelancers. Compared to other solutions like PayPal, you can save over 99% foreign transaction fees by selecting the cheapest money transfer provider.

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