CompareTransfer is the international money transfer partner based on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

With CompareTransfer you can compare the real live currency exchange fees of international money transfers.

CompareTransfer was founded in 2017 with the principle to make it in the foreign currency transfer market by providing real pricing information online.

The Founder & CEO of CompareTransfer saw the money transfer market needs a trusted, transparent, reliable, and accessible service comparison for online money transfer providers, to help customers make a decision when choosing a money transfer provider.

Today, CompareTransfer is a key currency authority and provides international money transfer comparison to over 100.000 visitors.

We advise customers from around the world to find the best exchange rate on international money transfers and to book international money transfers online.

We are always on the lookout to integrate the live rates of more money transfer providers into CompareTransfer.

With our strong ads, position, and brand, we acquire thousands of new customers for international money transfers per year for our exchange partners.

CompareTransfer can not only be used by migrant workers to remit money home, it can be used to calculate the hidden fees for all private and commercial foreign exchange transactions.

With our service, our customers can save on average over 300 Euros discount compared to PayPal when transmitting 10.000 Euro in foreign currency. This number quickly adds up on regular transfers, while the hidden fees often remain unnoticed during the payment.

This is why savings are so simple with us: Compare currency conversion and uncloak the hidden fees of international bank & cash transfers. Make the best decision on your next currency exchange in our price comparison.

Our promise is to make most of your money in cross-border foreign exchange transactions.