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Compare the fees for international money transfers to find the best offers to send money abroad

Do you use remittance services to send money to your relatives? Do you have to pay invoices in foreign currencies from suppliers outside of your country of residence? Or are you just interested what international money transfers cost? It doesn't matter: The free service of CompareTransfer helps you to find the best offers on sending money overseas by comparing the different money transfer providers. After your price comparison you can either choose the cheapest or fastest provider to send money online to foreign countries. It doesn't matter if you want to money transfers for private or business purposes. With CompareTransfer you will easily find the best way to send money to other countries. The fees of banks can be ridiculous for international money transfers and you'll anyway not find the best offers at the bank counter. You should consider using alternative providers like Transferwise, CurrencyFair, Azimo, Xendpay or Western Union. If you use these remittance providers you even don't have to open a new bank account to send money abroad. You can book money transfers online and pay them with your Credit Card. Booking money transfers online with this proposed way is usually not only cheaper, the recipient receives the money also faster. Start your money transfer comparison at CompareTransfer and find the cheapest provider to send money overseas.

Compare the fees for international money transfers and send money with TransferWise, CurrencyFair, Azimo & Co overseas

You can send money abroad for less fees than your bank charges! With providers like TransferWise, CurrencyFair, Azimo & Co you can avoid paying high fees of banks. CompareTransfer is a price comparison in the field of international money transfers. Here you can compare the prices of different remittance services. With the current exchange rate difference and the ground fee we calculate the fees for money transfer providers. If you want to compare the different tariffs you can simly enter the amount in our calculator and choose the country where you want to send money to. Afterward you will see the different possiblities to exchange money and pick the desired offer, whether you want to choose the cheapest, fastest or best rated provider. Of course you can use the service of CompareTransfer for free and you'll even save money with us, because we are sure that you'll find a better offer than using your bank.